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A Loving Declaration

Love is a tricky subject these days. It really shouldn’t be. But for some reason, people are scared of who or how other people love. I feel like we’re always hearing about who should be able to love who else, or who we shouldn’t love, and so on. And these days, it feels like love has been trivialized to mean certain specific things and only in certain specific circumstances. It just feels like people are acting scared of love.

Look, it’s true. Love can in general be a scary thing. Love is being vulnerable. Love is putting your emotions and feelings on the line, and allowing for the possibility of getting hurt. In fact, I’d go so far as to wager that to love is to welcome pain, because love often hurts. It hurts when things go wrong and you get your heart broken, but sometimes it hurts even when things are working.

But at the end of the day, love is the single most important feeling that there is. Bar none. There is nothing that can feel as good or as joyful as loving. And I’m not even just talking about romantic love here – sometimes, the love and support of family or close friends can feel just as uplifting and powerful as a romantic relationship, just in a different way. And even that can be confusing to some people, as evidenced by the number of times close friends have rumors whispered that they’re homosexual for their same-sex close friends – I know; I’ve had it done to me more than once.

And that same powerful connection can mean that there’s nothing like the pain that can travel along the conduits of that close connection of love, regardless of form. Those we love the most have the highest potential to make us feel the worst pain.

But I will say it again – there is no greater emotion or feeling than love!!! Yes, it’s scary, painful, vulnerable, and sometimes very difficult to maintain. But it is also wonderful, supportive, and has the capacity to fill you up with the most amazing of feelings.

I know this all feels a bit like a mostly-coherent ramble, but recently, I’ve really been feeling these concepts forming – I’ve been feeling so much love and support from family and from friends (whether I’ve known them 10 years or 2 months), and my heart has been filling to nigh-overflowing. No one thing in particular has sparked me to finally commit these thoughts to permanent record, it’s just been building up inside me for long enough and the time finally came to let it out.

My final thought is that because love is the wonderful thing it is, I love loving and being loved; despite all the pain and heartbreak that can come with the territory, including the good and the bad, the joyful and the painful, I would never want to lose my love, and I would love all over again, everyone I have loved, no matter the pain some of that love has brought me. I would do every last bit of it again. Without my love, I feel I am a hollow man.

Regardless of what the future brings with any of my friends and family, may I never lose my love, for I feel it is the truest expression of how I feel towards those I choose to live my life among. For good or bad, for joy or pain, my heart remains open, vulnerable, and loving.


1 thought on “A Loving Declaration”

  1. Thank you for providing this thought provoking commentary. Love is always an interesting topic certainly in the context of romance. I agree with most of the points you make and think that love ( in any shape or form we choose as consenting adults ) is worth the risk and rewards. I can’t totally agree that love from friends and close associates is as rewarding or risky as a romantic relationship. It has been my experience that connecting on a personal level with strangers, coworkers, friends, etc. is sometimes mistaken for love and/or commitment when in reality it’s just a connection. I think love is a big emotion that has LOTS of layers. The topic should be discussed more so I look forward to reading the comments from your followers. I’m sure I will be inspired. Bravo.

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