My Indispensable iPhone Apps

Alright, I admit it: I am an iPhone junkie now. I resisted at first, thinking the annoyance of cheek grease on the screen would dampen any enthusiasm I might have for the pure geeky bliss of a touch-screen. And even as I saw the plethora of apps beginning to emerge, I thought my old Motorola Razr would continue to serve any phone needs I would have.

But then my laptop decided to go toes-up. My wife shared her laptop with me, but a geek needs his own dedicated way to get online, and the cute little heart-shaped stickers stuck on either side of the up arrow weren’t making me feel especially manly. I needed a way to get online at the drop of a hat.

And so on the same day that we met my Starfleet-uniform-wearing father and gracious mother to indulge ourselves in the new Star Trek movie, I succumbed, and upgraded myself to an iPhone.

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8 Common E-mail Blunders

In a world with increasingly impatient people who prefer getting their news in short 140-character bursts, it’s clear that communication is no longer a laid-back process in which ideas are lovingly crafted and meticulously planned, drafted, and edited before being sent on their way. The merits of this decrease in our cultural attention span could be argued, but like it or not, today’s average Joe/Jane seems firmly locked in to the idea that communication is a casual thing that does not reflect on the sender.

In truth, not only is this faulty thinking, but following poor communication practices can have adverse effects on one’s career path, as well as one’s standing with others. Someone who can communicate intelligently can make a good impression on a potential employer, or an existing supervisor.

Today’s most common medium of written communication is E-mail, and because of its wide availability and ease of use, E-mail has become one of the sloppiest forms of communication. Here are a few common E-mail blunders you should avoid, particularly in professional correspondence.

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