My Indispensable iPhone Apps

Alright, I admit it: I am an iPhone junkie now. I resisted at first, thinking the annoyance of cheek grease on the screen would dampen any enthusiasm I might have for the pure geeky bliss of a touch-screen. And even as I saw the plethora of apps beginning to emerge, I thought my old Motorola Razr would continue to serve any phone needs I would have.

But then my laptop decided to go toes-up. My wife shared her laptop with me, but a geek needs his own dedicated way to get online, and the cute little heart-shaped stickers stuck on either side of the up arrow weren’t making me feel especially manly. I needed a way to get online at the drop of a hat.

And so on the same day that we met my Starfleet-uniform-wearing father and gracious mother to indulge ourselves in the new Star Trek movie, I succumbed, and upgraded myself to an iPhone.

Since then, I have done what I expect most people do with their first smart phone – experiment. I have downloaded apps, taken pictures, re-arranged the icons 500 times, and of course, showed it off to the uninitiated. And I now admit to distracting myself far too often with its shiny appeal, and drain its battery pretty much every day. I’ve already worn out my first case and had to buy a new one.

And so now, for anyone considering buying an iPhone, or who have already bought one and are wondering, “What Would PooreMan Download?”, I present my personal picks for…

PooreMan's Indispensable iPhone Apps

4 thoughts on “My Indispensable iPhone Apps

  1. I like it 🙂

    By the way, have you seen the Droid/Android? This phone is frigging AWESOME. It’s definitely my next one if I find that breaking contract won’t hurt me too much.

  2. Well, while the number of apps should keep you a fan of the iPhone, I also recommend the BlackBerry Storm or anyone who wants a touch-screen and superior functionality. What I love the most is the fact that it doesn’t actually select the highlighted item until you click the screen in….makes it easier for Neanderthals such as myself to operate. Love the blog PooreMan, keep up the good work!

    • Guess it’s a matter of opinion – I once had a go at a Blackberry Storm, and I didn’t like that I had to click the screen in. It felt awkward to me.

      • As I previously stated, I am a neanderthal. BlackBerry…So Easy a Caveman Can Do It™

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