My Indispensable iPhone Apps

Alright, I admit it: I am an iPhone junkie now. I resisted at first, thinking the annoyance of cheek grease on the screen would dampen any enthusiasm I might have for the pure geeky bliss of a touch-screen. And even as I saw the plethora of apps beginning to emerge, I thought my old Motorola Razr would continue to serve any phone needs I would have.

But then my laptop decided to go toes-up. My wife shared her laptop with me, but a geek needs his own dedicated way to get online, and the cute little heart-shaped stickers stuck on either side of the up arrow weren’t making me feel especially manly. I needed a way to get online at the drop of a hat.

And so on the same day that we met my Starfleet-uniform-wearing father and gracious mother to indulge ourselves in the new Star Trek movie, I succumbed, and upgraded myself to an iPhone.

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