Carving out my Internet niche

These days, especially if you’re in the IT field, it seems like you can go far if you have an Internet persona. And that goes beyond just having a profile on Facebook, because even George P. Burdell has a Facebook page. These days, nobody is impressed that I’ve been on Facebook since 2005. It’s practically old hat. To be a real Internet persona, you need a few other things…allow me to enumerate a few of them.

  • A Facebook Fan page – That’s right, it’s not enough just to be able to friend you, people have to be able to be a fan of you. Now, yes, I could make one of those myself, but that seems very self-serving. So until someone else (and not my wife, either) makes a fan page for me, I will not truly be a persona.
  • A TwitterCheck.
  • A .com domain nameCheck, although I find it an interesting change that these days, having a Twitter is more important to your Internet persona than an actual domain name. And please don’t judge my personality much on the webpage you will find at the other end of that link, as I haven’t updated it in God knows how long, and it needs a major overhaul, in the worst way.
  • A blog – Well, you’re here, aren’t you?
  • A Wikipedia article – OK, so this one’s wishful thinking, but I can’t help but hope.

In addition to simply being a part of these movements, your Internet fame (notoriety?) is further determined by how many fans your Facebook page has, how many followers listen to you Tweet, how many hits your webpage has, and how many subscribers your blog has. Each of these contribute to your online persona.

Now, as anyone who has known me for at least a few years can attest, I’ve always enjoyed having a certain spot in the limelight, so it’s probably only natural that I would love to be an Internet personality. And to that end, I need you.

Yes you, the reader of this post. I am at least wise enough to know that I can’t do this by myself. As awesome as my ego would like me to think I am, I can’t be the Next Big Thing without plenty of people. So I need you to become my Fan if someone creates a Facebook page for me. I need you to read my Tweets (as few and far between as they are). I need you to subscribe to this blog and read it. And above all, I need you to tell your friends, relatives, neighbors, and random passers-by how awesome the PooreMan is.

And, well, frankly, you can’t do that right now because this blog isn’t very awesome yet. After posting this, I will have 3 posts, few subscribers, and no reader base. And the only way I can get that reader base is to find something people want to read. I want people clamoring for me to post again. I want 500 comments on my posts. I want a lot, I know.

Well, this is your chance to help influence the tide, and maybe have the future bragging rights that “I helped shape that phenomenon”. Because if nobody can help me come up with a really great idea soon, I’ll probably end up blogging about D&D. Not that that’s a bad thing, but something tells me it won’t help me become an Internet legend.

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8 thoughts on “Carving out my Internet niche

  1. Well, gee, you could talk about the forced busing of Communist Russians into your neighborhood to shoot your puppies. Maybe you should send out invites….

  2. Very interesting topic. I enjoyed reading your post and can see your personality shinning through. Topics of interested to me include:

    *Internet Social Network vs Face to Face Meeting and Greats
    *The future of social networks…improving commuication or breaking down communication

    Looking forward to the new post!

  3. I like your blog…I honestly can’t wait to see more. I find it interesting how you want more people to notice you…I’m guessing for your music, or because you’re vain (LOL)? Nah, you aren’t really vain…but yeah, I think you love your groupies. Well I am happy to contribute to the cause…I’m suited up coach, put me back in the game!

    • At this point, actually it’s more for the sake of making a name for myself on the Internet. As a web developer, I feel it will improve my technology value to have a well-established online personality, and the PooreMan brand is my jumping-off point.

  4. A Wikipedia article won’t get you noticed if you’re not already popular.

    On the other hand, youtube videos can be VERY useful as a source of free advertising. Especially in generating backlinks to your blog or website. Youtube videos aren’t just posted on youtube, I put up some videos a while back and they showed up in about 30 different sites that get feeds from youtube.

    The great thing is, depending on how you’re selling yourself, you don’t need a video recorder to get video.. there are a lot of programs that record what your computer is doing and save it as a movie.

  5. Quote: “After posting this, I will have 3 posts”…

    I see only two. Problem?

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