In addition to the enjoyment of writing fiction, Ando Valentine has always been unafraid to air his opinions and feelings to the public. While he has never truly found a consistent niche to cater to, Ando still finds it easy to simply write whatever is on his mind at the moment. While this means he may never be a full-time blogger for any industry, it does mean that all of his blog posts are written from the heart.

Ando writes the following blogs:

  • The Escapery– The Escapery is the escape room Ando works at, and he has begun writing some posts for their blog (not all posts are his)
  • PooreMan’s Blog– When Ando first began blogging in 2010, he adopted the moniker “PooreMan” (an obvious play on his last name). This is the main source of personal blogging he has used ever since.
  • Behind the DM’s Screen– A Dungeons & Dragons blog intended to give advice to Dungeon Masters and players. Please note: This one is currently inactive (though still visible), as Ando has not run D&D in a few years and has not written any new posts in a while.