Are You An Ando?

Are *YOU* an Ando? Here are the guidelines

Updated January 2016

  • Do you frequently find that the things you say sound clever in your mind but really lame when spoken out loud? This includes making bad puns that are seemingly only funny to you.
  • When single, do you find it difficult to attract partners? This can include frequently being friend-zoned.
  • Are you a fountain of useless music/movie/TV knowledge? Basically, are there topics you can geek out massively about?
  • Do you like to wear Hawaiian shirts and/or tie-dye? It is not necessarily a given that you *OWN* either of these clothing items, but that you wouldn’t be opposed to wearing them in a social situation.
  • Do you find tattoos and/or body piercings sexy?
  • Do you regularly steal other people’s catch phrases or common sayings?
  • Do you belong to any fandoms that are commonly frowned upon by the mainstream (e.g. My Little Pony, professional wrestling, etc)?
  • Are you a board gamer?

If you find yourself nodding in agreement with most of these, then you are probably an Ando!